about us

Metal Benderz LLC, is an innovative company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and fabricating exceptional light gauge steel framing as a cost-effective, sustainable, and turn-key solution for the construction ecosystem. Through combining cutting-edge and proprietary roll forming technology with advanced 3D Building Information Modeling software, Metal Benderz provides an unparalleled building experience for architects, developers, contractors, and homeowners. The end result is a light gauge steel framing system that provides superior precision from production through installation. ‚Äč

As leaders in the construction ecosystem, Metal Benderz has placed an emphasis on the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Accordingly, all steel framing is 100% recyclable, manufactured locally in the USA, aligned with LEED initiatives, and is accurately formed, cut, punched, and dimpled to minimize the corresponding ecological footprint and maximize on-site efficiency. Ultimately this advanced process yields less than 1% waste during production and 0% waste during onsite installation.