1-Minute Assessment: Are You Constructing the Most Cost-Effective Mid-Rise

Are you constructing the most cost-effective mid-rise building?

Take this short 5 questionassessment to find out.

In general, do you typically utilize efficient construction methods to reduce the construction schedule?

  • Yes, this is a top priority
  • Yes, but not always a priority
  • No, efficient building is of low importance

Do you use sustainable materials as a way to reduce costs?

  • Yes, sustainable materials are used frequently
  • Yes, but not frequently
  • No, sustainable products are not a priority

Do you use panelized wall systems to reduce on-site labor costs and construction waste?

  • Yes, for all projects
  • Yes, for some projects
  • No, very little

Do you frequency assess the rates you paying for builders risk insurance?

  • Yes, we annually assess our rates
  • Yes, but not often
  • No, we rarely assess our rates

Do you consider the strength-to-weight ratio when selecting a framing materiel?

  • Yes, this is always a consideration
  • Yes, sometimes this a consideration
  • No, I never consider this aspect of framing

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