Metal Benderz is a full-service company that provides pre-engineered and pre-assembled light gauge steel framing systems for all applications. Our proprietary technology and infrastructure enables us to provide cost-effective, accessible, and efficient solutions for projects of all varieties. ​

Our pre-engineered manufacturing process customizes the steel dimensions for each project, which combined with our proprietary panelization system, enables the production of versatile structures, accelerates building schedules, maintains structural consistency and quality, enhances safety, eliminates wasted materials, and reduces labor and corresponding insurance costs. ​

Project Types:

  • Residential: Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Apartments, Assisted Living facilities, Low-Income Housing, Decking, etc.​

  • Commercial: Hotels, Schools, Offices, Retail Centers, Restaurants, etc. ​

  • Industrial/Other: Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Chicken Coops, Modular Buildings, Solar Panel Framings, Metal Signage, Custom Stud Sizing, etc. ​

Additional Services: ​

  • Architectural Services: CAD Services to produce and/or reproduce any plans to maximize the structural integrity and create the most cost efficient design.

  • Pre-Insulated LGS Framing Solution ​

  • Engineering Services: We provide signed and sealed engineering calculations and drawings for each plan.